When You Lie About Sexual Harassment


When you lie about sexual harassment, you cause damage beyond your immediate world. You set off a chain of events that are unstoppable.

  • Your Human Resources department begins an investigation.
  • Your coworkers are hassled and asked to pick sides.
  • The person you accuse is put in a horrible, horrible situation.
  • You waste time and money that can be spent on wages, improved benefits, or responding to real accusations of harassment.
  • You make it tougher for the next person with a real problem to be taken seriously.

All these lies because you hate your job, you hate working, and because you’re lazy? You feel entitled to attention? You don’t have a work ethic and you want to blame other people?


When you lie about sexual harassment, you undermine the experiences of people who are real victims. That makes you an awful person.

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