White Men Over 50: Si Se Puede!


I have a few friends who are clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. That’s what happens when you work in Human Resources, I guess. The people who work at the EAP become your best friends.

Anyway, psychologists have turned into career advisors. Boosting confidence. Suggesting new strategies. Overcoming obstacles and boundaries. But the toughest challenges in the job search come from white men over 50.

“Society has told these guys — you’re no longer useful. What do we say to them?”

Me? I would start a union if I were a white guy over 50 with significant corporate experience in research, marketing, sales, IT or finance.

You hate unions? Don’t call it a union. Call it a guild. An association. A consulting firm.

I would throw in with a bunch of other unemployed white guys. Figure out what you share in common. Figure out how you differ. Then start a business (of some kind) and farm out projects to one another. Put 10% in an account to cover administrative expenses. And don’t compete against one another. Realize that one white guy who does well benefits another white guy in your group.

“That sounds like socialism, Laurie.”

No, that sounds like a good business idea.

White guys over 50 feel jacked by society. I say — fight back. It doesn’t cost much to start a new business if your product is you. (Take this from a woman who has started 17 of them.) Throw in. Come together. Help a brother out.

Entrepreneurship is the new form of personal salvation.

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