Who's Hiring?


This blog has a healthy mix of HR professionals, recruiters, and regular schmoes. Many are looking for a job — and this includes employed HR professionals and recruiters. No one is happy.

Who’s hiring? Are you?

If you are a Human Resources professional or a recruiter, let’s use this thread to link job seekers to your requisitions. Feel free to post a link to your company’s website and a brief post a job description. If you are a civilian and you’ve stumbled upon a great job, feel free to post it. If you’re looking for a job, tell us about yourself and link to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Let’s all post a link to ONE GREAT JOB and help someone get back to work.

Here’s my contribution. Consumerist is hiring.

Consumerist is looking for freelance writers to join our team. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with the discipline to work remotely, possessing excellent writing skills, a thorough understanding of Consumerist’s style, ethos, and editorial direction, and a passion for helping consumers. Experience with the pressure-cooker environment of daily, high-volume blogging preferred. (If you don’t have experience, ask yourself: Am I prepared to write up to six posts a day, with very tight deadlines and modest compensation, every weekday until the Sun implodes?) Email your resume and two sample blog posts to jobline (at) consumerist (dot) com. Deadline: Jan 29. Please don’t post your resume, email address or other personal info in the comments!

Snap, this job sounds perfect for me.

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