Who's Ready for a New Story?!


Are you like me? Do you hate the guy at work who is always talking about his problems?

  • Wife left him.
  • Tax bills are high.
  • Cubicle is too noisy.
  • Family doesn’t appreciate him.

Well that’s me — only I’m a one-note Johnny who is upset about her grandmother’s illness.

  • I had a call from a recruiter, today, but I couldn’t possibly entertain the notion of going back to work because I’m too upset about Gramma.
  • I went to the car dealer and had to tell them about my grandmother.
  • The Starbucks drive-thru? Oh yeah, we discussed Gramz.

It’s an understatement to say that I am VERBAL and I like to process my emotions VERBALLY. I want to talk about my feelings, and when I’m done, I want to talk about it a little more. I like to talk, but I’m beginning to talk myself into a state of craziness. Gramma is stable, the future is a little uncertain, and I leave for Chicago in the morning. Everything else is beyond my control.

Maybe I need a new and more compelling story. Is it time to take more cat pictures?!

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