Why Employees Decline to Move


You couldn’t pay me to move, right now.


The idea of selling my home + depressed wages/salaries + the expense of moving to a different part of the country with a higher cost of living means that I will do whatever it takes to stay in Raleigh for the foreseeable future.

And I’m not alone. I was sent this amazing infographic on the reasons why people don’t relocate.

Why Would Employees Decline to Move?
Why Would Employees Decline to Move? by Atlas Van Lines

It’s a shame, really, because relocation has meant more money and more opportunities for my family. We have lived in four cities during our marriage — and we moved quite a bit before meeting one another — but the move to Raleigh in 2008 was a wash for us. We bought our home in North Carolina right before the Lehman Brothers collapse. We had a house in Michigan that took us nearly two years to sell.

So this infograph really resonates with me. Unless we’re moving because we really want to move or the opportunity is amazing, I’m not going anywhere.

How about you?

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