Why I Srsly Hate WSJ Online


I believe that good HR professionals are

  • critical thinkers,
  • lovers of pop culture & media, and
  • savvy business entrepreneurs.

Business is everywhere, and the best HR professionals read everything — from Entertainment Weekly to ESPN. I try to practice what I preach and consume news & information from a variety of sources — including financial news websites and magazines about home decorating — but I won’t read the WSJ Online.

This isn’t a political or social statement.

  • I’m willing to overlook the ownership issues at WSJ.
  • I’m willing to overlook its editorial board.
  • I’m truly willing to overlook its political biasies.

Unfortunately, I’m not willing to overlook the fact that they charge you to read much of their online content — and they still subject you to ads & links & banners after you fork out your hard-earned cash.

What the eff? Do I look like I just fell off the pumpkin truck? The WSJ Online offers nothing that I can’t find on the websites of The NYTs, Newsweek, or even CNN.

  • Those chumpsky sites? Free.
  • Rupert Murdoch’s chumpsky site? $89/year.

Thanks but no thanks. I’ll take that $89 and spend it on donuts and coffee before I pay you to advertise crappy news articles to me.

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