Why Today Matters


Hello from Primary Central where I’m still not dressed and I haven’t voted, yet. (Hey! Stop looking at me like I’m a lazy-ass-slacker.) I promise to vote in a few hours, and I promise to have bed head.

I’ll live blog my election experiences very shortly.

This is so important: I predict a win for HRC and Romney because the fundamentalist Dutch community supports Romney (despite his Mormonism) & don’t believe in the viability of a Huckabee presidency. It might be the first time in my life that I’ve agreed with my neighbors.

Overheard at The Meijer — “Huckabee should get a radio show.”

Dear baby jesus, please do not let Huckabee get his own radio show.

I’ve heard the pundits say that Michigan is a lock for McCain, but people don’t trust him and don’t like his temper. Michigan has a growing Latino population who work on the blueberry farms, too. This is important because Michigan has a history of racism — although it’s the Midwest, so it’s mostly just passive-aggressive racism. (People are nice about it, if that’s even possible). McCain didn’t make friends in the Michigan Militia with his support of the immigration bill.

PS – I’m living in the Alabama of the north.

PPS – I want a bumper sticker that says, “Don’t Mess With The Dutch.” It cracks me up.


In the meanwhile, today matters because

  • it’s Kate’s birthday! (Go send her a pony on our advice column.)
  • it’s my Nana’s birthday!
  • it’s my cousin’s birthday!
  • it’s my former boss [turned good friend]’s birthday!
  • it’s MLK JRs birthday and it’s pretty cool to vote on his birthday.

More from the ballot box!

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