Why Working Might be Better Than Unemployment


I had this grand notion that unemployment would be fun, and I was really wrong.

Don’t get me wrong because sleeping until 10AM is totes fun — except for the lack of a regular paycheck. I know this sounds improbable, but no one gives me money for wearing yoga pants and a sports bra just because it’s Tuesday.

The worst part about unemployment? I’m suddenly compelled to spend my money in a budgeted and sensible way. I have to think about my purchases before I plunk down the credit card. The notion of long-term thinking is so foreign to me. If I wanted to live sensibly, I’d have children and get a dog.

The worst part about going back to work? Putting up with those millennials. Oh man, I can’t take another meeting with a kid who has a fragile ego. I don’t want to watch the complicated and narcissistic jockeying for acceptance from the team. No one and everyone are alpha males. Don’t stand out too much, but remember that you’re gifted and you deserve recognition.

Also, I don’t want to hear another word about the 60 Minutes segment.

The only good thing about working with the millennials? It’s their na

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