Women MBAs More Likely To Divorce Than Men


Read this WSJ.com article right now.

The WSJ reports on a soon-to-be-published study, which states that women with MBAs are twice as likely to get divorced or separated as their male counterparts. The odds for a successful marriage aren’t much better for women with other graduate degrees, either.

Check out these findings, yo. Do they make sense to you?

  • Women with MBAs described themselves as divorced or separated more often than women with only bachelor’s degrees (12% of female MBAs compared with 11% of women with only bachelor’s degrees) and more than twice as often as men with MBAs (5% of whom reported being divorced or separated)
  • Women with law or medical degrees divorce less often than those with only bachelor’s degrees, but are still more likely to divorce or separate than their male counterparts (10% of women with law degrees and 9% of women with medical degrees, compared with 7% of male lawyers and 5.1% of male doctors).

  • The study also found that female professionals (*implying high wage earners*) abstain from marriage at double and sometimes nearly triple the rate of men.

I’ve read this article several times, and the data seems elusive, sketchy, and contradictory. I would be interested in reading the study itself, but at this point, I’m totally uncomfortable with the social implications made from the data. The author of the study implies that successful women struggle to provide the TLC and support that high-earning men need — and only uneducated and less-successful women who are focused on raising kids (& not on their careers) can provide.


Really, I just want to pee on myself when I read the wrap-up advice from the professor who conducted the research.

  • “Well-educated, highly compensated women should be targeting particularly loving and supportive men.”

The rest of us? Apparently, we can suck it.

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