Women's Office Bathroom Etiquette: HR Edition


AOL has a pretty interesting ‘gallery of advice’ on bathroom etiquette in the workplace.

Some of the advice is realistic (“flush”) and some of the advice is kind of weird (if there is no toilet paper, grab a wad and pass it under the stall to your neighbor — or warn her before she unzips).

One of the most popular posts on my advice-blog-in-hiatus in the post we wrote about pooping at work. I have no idea why this is such an interesting subject, but the best advice I have about bathroom etiquette is simple. Use common sense.

  • Explosive case of diarrhea + gas? Take a sick day.
  • Constantly peeing and you can’t sit through a meeting? Drink less or see your doctor.
  • Talking about your bathroom habits at work? Never advisable.

It makes me so happy — really, you have no idea — to be unemployed and able to visit a private bathroom in my own house (with my own personal germs) at my convenience.

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