When Worlds Collide: Work/Life Balance


Is this you?

  • Do you ever bump into co-workers at the grocery store and find yourself lapsing into work-talk?
  • Do you check your work email after dinner with the family?
  • When the phone rings, is your impulse to answer it by saying your first name and your department?
  • Do you attend your kid’s soccer game and spend time gossiping about colleagues with other parents?
  • Do you keep your blackberry on your nightstand?
  • Do you dial “9” to make an outside phone call from your home?

If so, take a deep breath and relax. Now stop thinking about work. Seriously.

The CEO of the company is paid to miss soccer games, obsess about the stock price, and keep his blackberry by his bedside. Just remember that you are paid to work, and you are also paid to take some time off. You earn vacation, you earn holidays, and you earn the right to a weekend.

So please give it a rest. Stop gossiping, stop freaking out about work, and stop asking me HR questions when you see me at Target. Do I look like I’m working as your HR liaison as I’m browsing the clearance rack in the garden aisle?!

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