Working Poor: The Problem Is Getting Worse


You work 40+ hous at a job that doesn’t cover all of your expenses. You have credit card debt and you can’t afford to fill your tank. Want another way to have more money in your bank account? Get a different job that pays more money, fools. If you aren’t earning enough money, it’s your fault. Negotatie harder for salary increases. Improve your education. Work longer hours.

Oh wait, snap, it seems that it’s getting harder & harder to find a job that pays above the poverty line.

What does poverty look like in America? In 2006, the most recent year for available data, a family of four earning $41,228 or less qualified as a low-income family. [MSNBC]

Does your family of four survive on $50K or less/year? Do you feel like you spend too much money on your fancy car and consumer goods? Can you save 10% by cutting back on milk and drinking tap water, instead? Would you like to have powdered mac & cheese for dinner instead of a protein and veggies?

If so, Jeffrey Strain has some awesome financial advice for you.

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