Worst Job In America: Motherhood Maternity


Today’s worst job in America? Cashier at Motherhood Maternity.

(The Boss of One can back me up on this one.)

  • First of all, the store has more stuff packed into 400 square ft of space than my grandmother’s house. Dear Jesus, how can anyone work in that kind of clutter?
  • The clothes are cheap, sure, but is it worth the price (or the employee discount) when you have to share a tiny space with women who’ve had too many children? I know these pregnant mamas need clothes — and I’m sympathetic to the fact that you’re pregnant for the third time in two years — but for the sake of the employees and other shoppers, please leave the cranky toddlers at home when you’re shopping for new shirts.
  • When you have to find black pants for pregnant women who want to wear something ‘slimming,’ you are in a thankless job.

As a side note, I think the word slimming should be removed from all clothing at a maternity store. How is slimming even a concern when you’re about to squeeze out an eight pound human being? Shouldn’t you be worried about failing public schools or universal health care?

Anyway, working at Motherhood Maternity may be great for some women — but it’s a tough job and I walked out of the store with a headache. (Also, I think my ovaries shrank and my uterus closed its doors forever.)

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