Worst Job in the World: "That's Just Not Necessary"


Oh my god, Griff Jenkins. You’ve been pwned by the first amendment and you don’t even know it.

[youtube www.youtube.com

It’s like the Hindenberg of Fox News. “Oh the profanity!”

(Also see: Protestors Confront Fox Network)

Seriously, I don’t feel sorry for Griff Jenkins because his job is suh-wheat.

  • He is a reporter for Fox News,
  • he has a nice 401(k) and life insurance,
  • and has very little journalistic accountability.

I do feel sorry for the unionized workers who are holding the TV cameras in that crowd. I don’t endorse hippies, hippie crowds, or any group/event that tries to recapture the fake glory of 1968. I know from my own personal experience that two people make a couple, but three people with masks — who want to make trouble and get on television — make a mob scene.

1968 sucked, dudes. Don’t recreate it.

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