Writing for Salary (dot) com


I really love salary.com for a million reasons. The whole website is built on the democratization of financial information, which is a healthy concept. It is very subversive, which is why HR professionals always try to undermine the legitimacy of the site.

“The data isn’t 100% accurate,” they tell you.

It’s better than the NO DATA you’ll receive from a company that’s about to make you a low-ball offer.

And salary.com affiliates itself with universities, great writers, and great thinkers. It’s a pretty sweet site, which is why I was excited to receive a very kind and generous offer to blog for them. Unfortunately, I turned it down because they can’t pay me and I’m one of those crazy writers who wants to be paid.

Great. Now one of my chumpy fellow bloggers can scoop up that opportunity, undermine the market, and drive down salaries.

How ironic.

The site is very robust and the brand is going through a nice overhaul. The offer to write and be exposed to millions of impressions is tempting but impressions don’t pay the bills. It’s a long winter here in Raleigh. I need to stack cheddar.

Let me know if you are interested in writing for free so I can put you in touch with someone over there — and then I’ll try to talk you out of it.

Actually, no, you go first and write for free. Then you can tell me how those millions of impressions are converted to monetized relationships.

Then I’ll do it.

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