You Are Not A Rocket Scientist, Gen Y Kid At Walgreens


I love Walgreens almost as much as I love Target, Sephora, Duane Reade, and Ulta.

There are times when I’ll wait for my prescriptions and wander the aisles in search of crazy denture cream and Epsom salts. I never walk out of there without eye shadow or lip gloss. I always find reasons to browse the magazine aisle.

So much to see & so little time.

* *

My grandmother is staying at a hospital with a Walgreens attached to the building. Nice, right? Finally some good news! I wandered the store, today, to distract myself from anxiety. I bought Altoids and liquid eyeliner.

I made the mistake of asking the cashier, “What’s the fastest way to get into the hospital from here?”

The kid responded, “Which hospital? This one?

It took all the strength in the world not to respond, “No, the hospital up your mother’s ass.”


Strong language, huh? It’s not like me to be so cranky — and I’m not an old lady with high expectations for humankind. I know that the store’s location or proximity to the hospital has nothing to do with this Gen Y kid’s job or his daily responsibilities; however, what other hospital could I be talking about? The Mayo Clinic?


I bit my tongue and ignored my instincts to jump all over this kid with my caustic cynicism. With a smile, I confirmed that, yes, I wanted to know where I could find the nearest entrance into this hospital.

I thought it would have been impolite to add, “YOU KNOW — THE HOSPITAL THAT IS ATTACHED TO YOUR MOTHERF@#$ING STORE.”


How did I ever work in Human Resources?

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