You Are Paying Too Much For WiFi


You want to know another reason why you’re not rich? You are paying too much for WiFi.

There should be one internet access strategy for America, and it should look like a free, high-speed, national WiFi program. It’s not rocket science, folks. There is one internet. Why are there 1,000 stupid and incompetent internet service providers? Why do the rates vary? Why can’t I get a WiFi signal at my house?

I pay three separate invoices for internet at home, on my blackberry, and on my laptop. I wonder if I’m living in America or living in Outer Mongolia. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the ingenuity and creativity?

Maybe I’m a sucker for paying three internet bills. Maybe there’s a better way. Maybe it’s as simple as this: the the telecoms are greedy and they have me by the balls.

When I’m not shopping on the web or researching companies that provide important goods & services, I am on the internet earning money & writing about employment. The telecoms know that WiFi internet access is important, but they don’t care. Better to think in a short-term, profit-driven manner and earn $50/month from a consumer than to put forth a comprehensive and thoughtful internet strategy for America.

Cheap bastards.

There is one internet. It drives commerce in America, it provides important information that helps me to become a better and more active consumer, and it keeps hundreds of thousands of Americans employed in good jobs.

So why am I paying to access the internet?



Can you defend the telecom companies?

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