You Don’t Have to Go to the Holiday Party


You don’t have to go to the company holiday party. Even though you think you have to go, you don’t. Your attendance isn’t mandatory. No one is counting on you to show up. Nobody needs you to entertain the troops.

Your company throws a holiday party — mediocre as it may be — as an attempt to thank you for your hard work. It’s meant to be an act of appreciation. Does the party suck? Probably. Does it matter? I’m not sure. Are you the kind of person who openly criticizes gifts?

I’m cynical about a whole host of topics but I like any event where people spend money on me — even if it’s just a little bit of coin. You can criticize the office secret santa. You can make fun of the sad and pathetic attempt at diversity & inclusion during the holiday season. Just don’t take away my right to eat free hors d’oeuvres and drink cheap wine.

It beats working.

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