You Don't Need a Life Coach


I read that Jayson Blair — a disgraced journalist & recovering cocaine addict with bipolar disorder — is now working as a life coach. I’m not kidding.

Blair, who’s Wikipedia entry states that he has an ongoing interest in Human Resources, is supervised by a psychologist at a clinic in Virginia. He offers advice to other lost and tormented souls. From what I’ve read, he provides guidance on life, happiness, and overcoming obstacles.

America loves a comeback story, and I don’t begrudge a man from making a buck, but this story is just nonsense. While it’s totally appropriate for you to learn lessons from the behaviors of addicts & thieves & plagiarists, it’s another thing to take advice from a man with a sketchy past and no background in psychology.

Honestly, you are better off taking advice from Scrubby. Here’s his first pearl of wisdom.

Don’t pay a former coke addict for advice on your life or your career.

Even the worst psychologists have a masters degree and are licensed by the state. The best life coach might be no more than just a chump off the street with a point of view. Kind of like Scrubby. There you go. You owe my cat $120 for his advice. See you next week, suckers.

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