You Don’t Need Social Media To Do Your Job


I’m willing to concede that employees don’t need access to Twitter and Facebook to do their jobs.

That’s right.

You don’t need the internet to do your job. There is no real reason why you need the internet at all.

Do you hear me? I’m with the business leaders who read my articles at The Conference Board Review and roll their eyes at my social media advocacy.

Fine. You win. Social media access is dumb. It’s not a requirement for 99% of the jobs out there.

But while it’s not (yet) required, it is the future — and much like the telephone and that expensive fax machine you bought in 1992, this crazy fad isn’t going away.

I would like to see business leaders scoff a little less and think a little more creatively about getting social and getting results. Yes, your employees waste a ton of time on Facebook. They also waste a ton of time going to the bathroom and eating donuts.

I’m just starting the journey of running a business, but I know this: everyone else is rolling their eyes at you — smarty-pants CEO & leader — when you roll your eyes and bemoan employee access to social media.

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