You Don't Want That Job


I know you think you want that job but you don’t.

You want to work, yes, but do you really want to work there? Let’s take a look at your situation.

  1. The hours are soul-crushing. Admit it, you don’t want to work that hard.
  2. You aren’t really committed to your career or the industry. You could shovel dog poop and be happier.
  3. The commute is further than you’d like. You could spend your paycheck on rent or gas. Pick one.
  4. The boss is a jerk. You know this. You saw the way he acted in the interview. You would have to put up with him every. single. freakin. day.
  5. No one seems happy. Maybe they aren’t. Maybe you should run.
  6. You don’t really like the brand/product/service. Why would you want to help that company make money?
  7. The office interior is ugly. They haven’t invested in new chairs since 1997. The cubicles are metal and beige. If they can’t upgrade the interior every century, what does this say about the company?
  8. The job title stinks. You’re not looking to be the next CEO, but you are looking to show career progression.
  9. The company website sucks and the social media policy is harsh. If your mom has a better IT infrastructure, keep looking.
  10. The pay isn’t worth it. When you calculate the benefit of earning a paycheck versus the time you’ll spend hating the job and looking for a new one, you might as well pass on the opportunity.

Go ahead. Keep looking.

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