You Suck


I believe that companies (& not-for-profit groups) should have a psychologist on the payroll to deal with employees and volunteers who transfer their personal dysfunctions onto the organization.

You may ask, “Isn’t that what HR is supposed to do?”

My answer is, “No.”

I want to be able to say —

* Feeling crabby? That’s too bad. Go see the psychologist.

* Husband is mad at you? That sucks. Go see the psychologist.

* Kids are assholes? I bet they are. Go see the psychologist.

At what point do we demand an end to dysfunction? At what point is it acceptable to ask our coworkers and fellow volunteers to develop some basic life skills and abilities?

While team building is for suckers, your problems are getting in the way of my goals. Do your part, be a team player, and deal with your issues before I have to deal with them for you.

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