You Want To Be Mark Penn


Mark Penn has resigned from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He is a former campaign strategist and pollster, and his company also conducted polls for Ms. Clinton.

Like most successful guys who get fired for doing something stupid (e.g., Penn met with Colombia ambassador over a trade pact that Clinton opposes, she has a pretty strong anti-trade stance in general, and has talked about revisiting NAFTA), Penn isn’t really getting fired. He is resigning from the campaign, yes, but his company will still conduct polls for Clinton.

Again, you and I work at our primary jobs and then we go home. Mark Penn ran a PR firm and engaged in private-sector business deals while being paid millions of bucks by Hillary Clinton. If I know how this works (& I think that I do), Pen will still provide behind-the-scenes advice and will be compensated appropriately — either through an hourly billing rate or via connections and networking opportunities — but now he’s out of the limelight and has less public accountability.


So don’t cry for him, Argentina — and don’t think that the Clinton campaign made a principled decision. It’s not like they’re really firing him.

UPDATED:: Here’s some additional reporting on the matter. Mark Penn advises his peers & donors that, hey, he’s still around — chill out & don’t worry.

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