You Will Never Get A Job With That Poor Attitude


Lots of career coaches out there will tell you that you’ll never get a job with your poor attitude. They will coach you on body language, on appearance, and on your overall demeanor. Smile more. Scowl less. Sit up straight. Wear the right clothes.

Of course they are correct. You look dumpy and this isn’t amateur hour. Get a new pair of shoes.

But you’ll also never get a job because

  • your industry is outdated.
  • your skills have fallen behind.
  • you lack confidence.
  • you lack intelligence.
  • your credit score is poor.
  • you lack a basic understanding of math & science.
  • you never finished college.
  • your target employer market is filled with racist, sexist, boneheaded people.

There are a million reasons why you will never get a job. The biggest one?

  • There are no jobs to be had.

Job growth? Stagnant. Companies? Incented by Wall Street to invest in technology instead of people. Innovation? Strong in certain pockets of America — but not real America and not where you live.

Some ideas for you if you can’t find a job.

  • Take that piss poor attitude and run for office.
  • Take that bad posture and get involved in your local community.
  • Take your dumpy wardrobe and go to a Chamber of Commerce mixer, a Rotary Club meeting, or an Optimist Club meeting. Tell your story.

Activity — and activism — is free.

Speak up where it matters.

Get to work.

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