Your Corporate Blog Sucks


Question from a reader.

(I’ve missed these, by the way. If you have questions about anything — employment, HR, blogging, cats, bed bugs — you can send them to and I’ll do my best to publish them ASAP or refer you to the right source.)

Back to the question — truncated and anonymized.

We have a really great corporate blog, but no one reads it. Do you have any advice?

Hm. I’m sure you have a really great blog. Lots of serious information. Chock full of information about your products and services. Big ideas. Heavy on thought leadership. Links to respected journals and publications.

Unfortunately, if it’s like most corporate blogs, you site struggles with voice. Your writers — most likely employees — want to demonstrate their expertise and sound serious & intelligent. In the end, they are boring.

No one reads boring.

A corporate blog won’t establish you as experts, but it will establish you as current and relevant. So have something to say. Be bold. Be witty. Speak like a human being. Leave the consultant-speak at the office and have a conversation with your readers and potential customers.

And don’t link to white papers, yo.

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