Your New HR Friend: Ben Yoskovitz


My friend, Ben Yoskovitz, runs a company called StandOut Jobs. Ben is an amazingly nice guy who really doesn’t need or want anything from me. As you know, this makes him my absolutely favorite kind of guy. (If you want something from me, you better have four legs and a ginger-colored tail.)

I caught Ben’s blog, today, and he published a new white paper on strategic recruiting initiatives. I have an influx of new readers — many of whom have just made the jump to HR — and Ben’s blog is a good resource for you to learn more about recruiting. I also think he presents recruiting in such a great way — you may want to incorporate this white paper into conversations with some of your clients. Check it out.

More importantly, I am here to expand your HR network. Ben is on LinkedIn and Twitter, and he is just about the nicest guy in the universe and he will accept your connection requests.

Go forth and be social!

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