Your Thoughts: Candidates, Salary, and Disclosure


Here is a new Human Resources controversy.

Most recruiters, HR professionals and compensation experts will initially hate this advice, which is why I really like it. Ideally, the job pays what it pays. If you are qualified to do the job, your salary history should not make a difference.

Unfortunately, as a former recruiter and HR professional, I know that employers feel entitled to this information. If you refuse to provide this information, we are worried that you have something to hide. It is stupid logic — not based on anything other than suspicion. Unfortunately, we all know that poor HR business practices and stupid assumptions will keep you from getting a job offer.

I have never withheld my salary history, but I absolutely love the audacious recommendation. It is bold, yo, and requires the candidate to prove — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that she has what it takes to do the job.

What do you think? Have you withheld your salary history? What are your thoughts as a Human Resources professional or a candidate for a job?

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