You're Jealous


It’s been a big week in the punk rock household.

  • The husband started a new job — in another state.
  • I hit a parked car in Chicago. (D’oh!)
  • We paid our taxes and funded another six months in Iraq.
  • I have back & knee pain.
  • My cat, Lucy, is sick.
  • I cleaned the bathroom.
  • I organized the recycling.
  • My garage door won’t open or close.
  • I’ve been called by multiple HR recruiters. (Anyone interested in being the HR Manager for a light truck fleet? Let me know.)

The busy week continues. I’m currently working with Congress on a pro-growth economic package. Then I’m off to Jerusalem to repair the damage done by Jimmy Carter — with a layover in Tehran to meet with Mohamed ElBaradei to address the nuclear weapons issue. Finally, I’ve got a meeting on Friday with George Stephanopolous to discuss his role in the stupid ABC Democratic Presidential debate.

Also, and most importantly, I have a new haircut.

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