You’ve been lied to, suckers. Social media won’t help you find a job.


NPR LifeThere is nothing worse than being taken for a ride and being the last one to know you’ve been taken for a ride.

Let me warn you now: You are being lied to by the internet. There is nothing here for you, especially a job.

Don’t just listen to me. Listen to the HR professionals I’ve been meeting with in 2013 who keep complaining about job seekers who want to connect online and get social.

One HR professional told me, “If you have time to be on Facebook, you are not fully engaged at your job. I don’t want you.”

More advice below.

  • Don’t have a personal brand. “If you have a personal brand, you aren’t dedicated to the company brand.”
  • Don’t believe in the false promise of a social network. “I like to hire people I know. After that, people who are recommended to me. I want to know you or know someone who knows you. That’s how I hold people accountable for hires.”
  • Don’t use Facebook to connect. “I’m there to watch my kids.”
  • Don’t depend on LinkedIn to connect. “I go in there about once a month to clean it out.”
  • Skip Twitter. “I am the world’s biggest Kai Ryssdal fan. Can I listen to NPR on Twitter?”

/slams head/

There are companies with a progressive social recruiting practices who light the world on fire. It is a growing segment of the employer population. I am thrilled. This is the future.

But the future is not here. Most people still find jobs through career websites, employee referrals and job boards. If you want to try something new, try a forum.

So if you’re spending more than an hour/day on the internet with your job search, you are doing it wrong.

Get up. Get out. Get off the internet. Get yourself back to work!

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