Amazing Hacks That Make Weight Loss Easy

Going on a low calorie diet sucks. Doing lots of cardio sucks. So what are you supposed to do if you want to trim the fat without going all out on a diet.

Diet Hacks is the Answer

Diet hack number 1: Craving killer

When you have cravings it’s hard not to give in. I have found an amazing, quick and easy recipe that is super tasty. It has so few calories it’s hard to believe. It a low calorie protein fluff. It tastes like a combination of soft ice and whip creme. It satisfies the sweet tooth and gives you a nice boost of protein as well. A must try.

Diet hack numer 2: Low Calorie Nutella

Nutella rocks, but it is super unhealthy and high in calories. Try this recipe for low calorie nutella instead. It does not taste 100% like Nutella, but it does the job. Click here for a Healthy Nutella Alternative recipe.

Diet hack number 3: Store less fat

Green tee has amazing health benefits. Most people know this. But did you know that green tee make your body store less fat. So drink green tee every change you get. This will result in fewer calories being stored as fat.
Another hack that makes you store less fat is Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink a couple of teaspoons mixed with water before each meal. This will stabilize your blood sugar/insulin response. This makes you store less fat as well.