Love Your Baseball Team? – Jobs That Can Get You Closer to Them

For many of us sports fans, we don’t often get many opportunities to be around our favorite teams much. Some of us may be lucky to have season tickets to see them play, but still, there are many of us who don’t have the means to watch the games live. This may be due to high ticket costs or having to work at the same time as the games. But you may be interested to know that there are some jobs that can give you a better view of your favourite stars. See below.

1) Steward

Stadiums need stewards for various reasons: to keep an eye on the crowd, to ensure the safety of the fans and the players, and more. While these are often part-time jobs, there are usually many opportunities to be a game-day steward. Certainly you will need to undergo training to prepare you for potentially hostile environments, but generally, these events run smoothly and without much fanfare. If you want to get a field-side view, there is probably no easier job than being a steward.

2) Coach/trainer

If you have high-level skills and extensive experience, your team could have a use for you. Not only is being a trusted coach for a professional team considered prestigious, but you will also know you can have a direct impact on the success of the players and the team as a whole. Professional teams often employ a whole host of coaches and trainers, but while there may be a good few job positions available, they will always be very competitive and cutthroat.

3) Stadium maintenance

A big team is usually required to maintain the huge stadiums for pro baseball teams: from the front of house personnel to the electricians and janitors that keep every corner of the stadium in pristine quality on a day-to-day basis. There are often vacancies for many of these jobs, especially on game day, that suit the flexibility that many want for a summer job. For those who want to do more skilled jobs, consider those requiring more technical skills such as electrical or plumbing work, or even being the baseball field liner. While the latter may not be the most common, it is an essential job that can have you working at the heart of the stadium.

4) Stadium store associates

Surround yourself with every type of merchandise celebrating your favourite team: jerseys, mugs, water bottles, and almost anything you can imagine having your team’s name on it. Working during game day is exciting as you are surrounded by thousands of other fans, eagerly anticipating the game. Occasionally, even the players might stop by and sign some autographs, sending fans wild. These are relatively simple jobs to get into, and they can make for a fun summer.