Starting An Online Dropshipping Store – What Products Should You Choose?

Dropshipping is becoming an immensely popular way of getting into the business of e-commerce, and rightly so. Almost anyone can do it thanks to the low barriers to entry given that you don’t need to physically hold any inventory, and you have a seemingly endless choice of suppliers to choose from. For these reasons, the number of online stores which dropship have skyrocketed. Like any business, there is risk involved and the success will depend on many factors such as the product and marketing. We will have a look at they types of products that you could dropship that have had a lot of success so far.


There are many types of bags to choose from which gives you a wide product base to offer to customers. Suppliers are likely to provide different colorways for each style, as well as the different styles, and this makes it a viable option for potential customers. From a waterproof backpack to duffle bags, a well built store providing such products would appeal to a wide audience, as people of all ages and genders use bags.

Womens clothing

On average, women spend more on clothing and accessories than men, and given the vast range of garments on offer compared to men, creating a store that focuses on even one style of garment, could be enough to build a customer base. While this a very broad category, it may be wise to start off selling different types of clothing, and see which ones seem to sell the best, and then focus on these. Remember, it is important to be very aware of your target market, and constantly be evolving to ensure you or your products don’t become outdated. Follow latest fashion trends to help you decide which specific products to sell.


While the competition for electronics is extremely high, the profit margins are also quite high. Lesser known brands are also managing to break into the market despite the competition, thanks to high quality products, great marketing, and low prices. Choosing products within this category is easy thanks to the huge number of willing suppliers.

Very niche products

What the product is, is up to you to research and find out, but while you may not get huge sales on niche items, they usually have a bigger profit margin to compensate for it. Not only this, but if you are successful with your marketing, you could be one of the few sellers, and therefore one of the first choices when a buyer thinks of that item. Many times, vendors struggle to make sales not because of the product, but mainly because they are poor at advertising. These should always go hand in hand and complement each other.