Why Sri Lanka Is A Paradise For Surfers?

Cinnamon and coconuts, Coffee and tea, palm-fringed beaches, mellow surfing waves, and stilt fisherman- Well, as a surfer, you are probably looking for all these elements. Fortunately, you will get all these things in Sri Lanka and this is why this nation is on the radar of every surfer. Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country and you will definitely have a mellow and upbeat experience while surfing in Sri Lanka.

Talking about the daily schedule, it is very simple- patrolling in the dawn, taking a rest in the shade and drinking coconut water, and drinking beer at local bars at sunset. Along with these things, there is another element that makes this country more approachable and it is the surf camps in Sri Lanka. Yes, you will get a huge number of surf camps from where you can learn how to surf and apart from this; you can sharpen your surfing skills. The user-friendly surfing waves add another dimension.

From coconut water to a mellow surfing experience- this nation offers a lot of things. On top of that, we have also added some important points. So, if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka for surfing, you should definitely check the following points:

Surfing Seasons

Sri Lanka is, no doubt, one of the best surf travel destinations. The island has basically two surfing regions- the Eastern Province and the Southern Province. You will get different wind conditions and surfing waves in different regions. There are two distinctive surfing seasons- the monsoon season and the dry season. If we talk about the Southern Province, the best condition to surf is the dry season. It actually occurs between November and April. The waves are reliable and clean; you will get up to 6 ft. tall waves. During the monsoon season, you will not get desired experience due to the adverse wind conditions. Anyway, sheltered surf breaks are there and it might work for you.

On the other side, if we talk about Eastern Province, you will get the best surfing experience between May and September. This is basically the dry season and you will get flat surf breaks. In short, the dry season is the best time for surfing and if you are planning to visit, you should pick this season.

Favorable Surf Vibes

If you are an intermediate or beginner surfer, this nation seems to be a paradise for you. The friendly locals elevate the entire hospitality to a different level. Moreover, the top surf breaks are the cherries on top. If you are looking for a wide range of waves, you can visit the south coast. You will definitely get the highest density of waves to surf, on the South Coast. On the other side, Arugam Bay is considered the mecca of surfing. It is one of the best surfer-friendly destinations and the ambiance is very calm both in and out of the water.

Apart from surfing, there are tons of activities that you can do in the local areas. Anyway, we have covered the important points and by now, you have probably understood why Sri Lanka is a paradise for surfers.