Dearest You,

Thanks for coming to see my on my 39th birthday. So far, the day is pretty good. Scrubby hasn’t peed on anything, yet.

But I am really writing to tell you that today is the last day I will post on this blog.

That’s right. I am killing The Cynical Girl.

I am sorry that I kept this secret from you, boo. I wanted to surprise you. The archive will be up for a month. After that, I will start writing under my own name.

You ask, “Wait — what’s different?”

I’m different, baby. was an excellent website. I am happy it brought us together. And our relationship made me a better thinker and writer. You also made me happy, which is no easy task.

Thank you.

Change isn’t easy, but I hope you come back and find me in early February on — and I will miss you until then.


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