Getting started with Yoga

Yoga has become extremely popular over the last decade and there are some good reasons behind its hype.

Why is yoga so beneficial?

Yoga improves general strength in your body, which leads to better posture, balance, and flexibility. Those improvements affect mood, well-being and can release any kind of pain and tightness in your body.

 Yoga also benefits your mental state and by practicing yoga, you learn to gain better control over your body and emotions. This will help you deal better with things like anxiety, stress and you will experience a general increase in mood and energy levels.

 Yoga as a supplement

 Many people find it hard to commit to yoga because they go “all-in” and see it as a sport, they push themselves to do several hours of the week and quickly loses interest. While there are people who love yoga to an extend where it becomes a lifestyle and their main sport, for many others yoga will be good as a supplement to the additional sports and activities. It’s easier to build routines when we start with small steps, so start with a simple routine, that you know you will be able to stick to. As you start seeing the progress and benefits of yoga, it gets way easier to stick to a routine and you will feel your body can’t function properly without it.

We see many high-level athletes, who incorporate yoga in their weekly training programs before or after sessions, to make sure they can perform at their best level, without getting injured. That’s why you will find various surf routines online, that spans from yoga routines for surfers, to yoga routines for runners, etc. Every athlete can benefit from flexibility, posture alignment, and a better balance. It is also very important for athletes to stay mentally strong when competing on a high level. The mental state of an athlete is important for keeping stress at a manageable level, controlling thoughts, and staying focused on the goals set for a season. The right mental state can be the difference between winning and losing and athletes have started to realize that.

 The athlete mentality can be used in everyday life – why not do different things to increase our general well-being and become better performers at work, in social life, etc. Small healthy habits add up as compounds and will lead to significant improvement over time. The same will happen when bad habits occur in our life. At first, they might seem small and insignificant, but over time they will involve, bring along new bad habits, which will eventually lead to a significant impact.

Get started today!

 We now know that yoga is beneficial for your psychical health as well as your mental health. Building new routines can be difficult, so the key is to start small and then build momentum. We recommend doing some research on the topic of yoga, to get an understanding of general exercise. But the best way to get started is to find a program, developed by people with a lot of experience. 

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