My friend Bill Kutik is getting married. I have met the love of his life, Nancy. She is wonderful. Amazing. Beautiful.

I am so happy for them.

Except Bill is such a whore. Look at this note he wrote me.

You’re my champ! I’m depending on your blog, the top ticket-seller of all time. Need something exclusive?

I’m getting married for the second time. Asked Nancy just last night after four years of living together, and we have decided to do it in Vegas at The White Chapel like Brittany Spears with Elvis! Then two-week honeymoon in Italy on the Amalfi Coast.

You cannot use the attached picture without the comment: “They are exactly the same age,” which all visual evidence to the contrary, is true; we are. Sorry the file is so large. You know all the tricks to make the file smaller, I’ll bet.

I’m actually happy, an odd, troubling and infrequent state for me.


OMFG. That old geezer will use anything to move a few more tickets to The HR Technology Conference.

As my gift to him, I am asking you to ignore all other advertising for the show and only buy tickets through this link. Use the code CYNICAL11 for a discount of $500 off the rack rate of $1,795. And use my link so I don’t have to buy him anything stupid off his registry at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Congrats to you, Bill and Nancy. Yes, I will be a bridesmaid. Thanks for asking. Oh wait, you didn’t ask. Thanks for nothing.

And I’ll see you guys at the HR Technology Conference.

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