F@%k It Friday: Women’s History Month


English: green ribbonIt’s March 2013 and we are celebrating Women’s History Month.  We are also wrapping up National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Did you know that?

I wonder — do you think we need awareness initiatives like National Hispanic American Heritage Month or Arthritis Awareness Month? Do they do any good? Or do they run the risk of alienating or minimizing other causes that aren’t as visible?

Morgan Freeman doesn’t want you to relegate his history to a month. Nancy Brinker wants more than a month until we find a cure.

Me? I support awareness. It’s never a bad thing to be informed about history, culture or science. And I don’t think awareness of one issue minimizes the importance of another issue. If you’re a white woman with lung cancer, Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month isn’t taking the spotlight away from you.

What are your thoughts?!

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