Foursquare, HR, and Job Seekers


I made fun of a friend for being on Foursquare.

I told him, “Real men aren’t on Foursquare.”

I am ass. I say stupid things like that to taunt and tease because I’m in fourth grade. Really, I was just being obnoxious and I had no idea how to use Foursquare and no desire to learn.

My friend (who is a saint for putting up with me) suggested that I open an account, connect with people, and get an informed opinion.

Fine. Whatever. I opened an account.

Here’s what I like about Foursquare.

  • Whenever I come home from a trip, I can let my friends and family know that I’m safe by “checking in” to Scrubby’s Rafter House. I like that I can customize locations.
  • I like the integration to Facebook — there are conversations that happen because I linked my accounts and people like to leave comments on my wall.
  • I like that I can add comments to the places where I check in… and it’s not as formal as Yelp, which isn’t really all that formal but sometimes feels like work.

Here is what I don’t like.

  • I hate it when I mention Foursquare and people bring up safety concerns. OMG. The internet is one big safety concern. Let’s be smart and get over it.
  • I hate that I have another account. Really. I don’t need more social media applications and tools.
  • I don’t know the etiquette rules so I assume it’s like Fight Club and there are no rules. Oh no, wait, Fight Club has rules. Shoot. Anyway, I don’t look at Foursquare updates from my friends because I’m selfish and busy. I’m not sure people look at mine. Let’s call it a wash and not worry about manners.

Job seekers beware — Human Resources professionals are already misusing Foursquare. I recently heard a story about a dude who called in sick with the flu but checked in, via Foursquare, at Home Depot. I can’t fight this battle alone, so I need you to remind your HR peeps that you can be sick and go to Home Depot. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Just remember that most Human Resources professionals are on the lookout to bust you. Keep that in mind when you’re out and about on a fake (or real) sick day.

Or don’t keep that in mind. I don’t care.

And as for me? I’ll probably continue to futz around on Foursquare, but I’m not very passionate about it.

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