Get a Job in December


I know you need a job and many people have told you that it’s impossible to find work in December. I disagree. Companies are still hiring and not every manager is too busy to interview a great candidate.

Want a job? I know it’s the first week of December but here are some things you can do.

  1. Ask. That’s right. Sometimes it is just that easy. I was at a networking event, earlier in the week, and there were a number of people in the room who were out of work. There were also a number of people in the room who were hiring. Nobody was talking about the obvious. You think — they’ll ask me to express an interest in a job if they really like me. I say — no they won’t. They expect you to be an adult, ask for an opportunity, and apply for the job.
  2. Offer. Lots of employees on vacation, right now. Offer your services on a part-time or contract basis.
  3. Inquire. Use the holiday party scene to inquire about business plans for 2012. What’s on the horizon for some of these companies? You might find that there’s an opportunity to get in front of someone next week with a way to help them achieve a business goal.
  4. Apply. Retail workers start to flame-out right about now. Schedules go to pot. It’s not too late to snag retail jobs — especially if you show up in the store looking professional, responsible, and with a completed application and resume in hand.

I like to hustle in a season when most people are taking it easy. Makes me look smarter. Makes me look like I work harder than everyone else.

Tis the season to get off the couch, get a little brave, and start hustling.

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