Punk Rock HR: Now Part of Recruitingblogs.com!

I am happy to announce that Punk Rock HR has been acquired by Recruitingblogs.com and is now part of the family of other properties that includes Recruiting-Jobs.com, HashJobs.com, RecruitingConferences.com, RecruitFest.com, RecruitingTools.com and JobBoarders.com (with ERE Media). The press release is here.

  • What does this mean for me? Well, I get paid to write. Scrubby eats better.
  • What does this mean for my blog? I have a sales and marketing team. I have infrastructure, baby. If you want to advertise on my blog, you have to talk to my people.
  • What does this mean for you? Not a thing. In fact, it means that I will have more time to write since I’m not focused on hustling for ad revenue. I will stay focused on career issues, HR advice, and other random stuff like cats, celebrity gossip, and politics.

Here’s another thing that doesn’t change: you hold me accountable. I still report to you.

I’m flattered that Jason Davis and his team love this site because that’s a nice ego boost. More than ever, I’m focused on writing about issues and topics that matter to you.

So let’s get back to work, yo.

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