SHRM, TLNT, and London Calling


I am back from vacation and I wrote a long and boring post about SHRM and TLNT. Then I deleted.

Basically, the association that represents my rinky-dink HR profession — an association I just (sorta) praised — is threatening to sue a website that hosts me as a writer.

Of course they are.

Peeps, I just don’t have time for that kind of mediocrity.


Someone has to be the face & voice of Human Resources while SHRM dicks around with a wayward search for a CEO. You don’t need 15 years P&L experience to deal with an ego-driven board and a bunch of lawyers who write childish cease-and-desist letters.

You need a spine.


So who’s the face of HR, right now?

Might as well be me.

Or is it you?

Anyway, the future of HR is everywhere, these days, but at SHRM.

News at eleven.

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