Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Blog


someecards.com - Don't ever question my blog's page views againThe number one question I get asked is, “Should I have a blog?”


I don’t know. I think you should floss every day. You should tell your kids you love them. You should have that mole checked. But my gut tells me you don’t need a blog. Here’s why.

  1. You feel like you have something to say but you’re not a strong writer. Um, yeah, you don’t need a blog. You need a twitter account.
  2. You can’t write every day. Good blogging means that you make an appointment with an audience — and you show up with flowers and chocolate. Blogging requires commitment. Unlike some of my ex-boyfriends, you can’t show up just when the mood strikes you.
  3. Not every opinion needs to be expressed online. You have a real job. Blogs get people fired.
  4. The minutia of your life is boring. Every time I think about blogging about my life or my cats, I realize that I blog because I’m trying to escape my life and my cats.
  5. Blogs don’t make any money. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.
  6. Blogs aren’t a creative outlet. Need to do something to stimulate your life? Try needlepoint. Take a woodworking class. Enroll in Zumba.
  7. Blog traffic is overstated. People read CNN and MSNBC. They don’t read The Cynical Girl and they probably won’t read your blog.
  8. You will not sell products & services through a blog. Sure, you’ll build a brand. But there are easier ways to build a brand than blogging.
  9. You know who’s famous? Not bloggers. I once got recognized at the gym as the woman who has a blogging cat. Wow. Why, yes, that’s me. I am amazing. Uhm, no. Bloggers feel famous until the moment they meet a famous person. There’s real celebrity and then there’s everyone else.
  10. There are no original thoughts. Everything you say has been said before. I started writing this blog post and my good friend, Joel Cheesman, sent out a newsletter where he talked about the pros/cons of blogging. Now I look like a copycat. And some dude is thinking, “Hey, Joel just took my ideas.” Nobody is creative. Everybody is derivative.

After seven years of blogging on a near-daily basis, and with over 999+ unread blog posts in my google reader, I am sure you don’t need a blog.

If your dream is to blog, I’m right behind you — but I am shaking my head and hoping you’ll learn from my mistakes. And if you decide to start one — especially if it’s about your difficulties being a working mom, your wine hobby, or politics — let me know so I can pretend to read it.


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