The Career Summit: My Love Letter to You


Dear Peeps,

Earlier this summer, Mark Stelzner and I talked about finally going into business with one another. He was running his consulting firm and I was blogging and doing some consulting on the side. I won’t speak for Mark, but it’s not like I was lighting the world on fire. I was open to new ideas.

Mark said, “Why not do a virtual career conference?”

I’m like, “What the hell is a virtual career conference?”

True. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Mark told me that it’s like a career management conference and an online course rolled into one. You buy one ticket and you have access to 13 sessions covering all aspects of job seeking and career management. You get free bonus material, too.

Okay, I said. The whole thing is virtual. I get it. But life happens. What if I miss a session?

Mark explained that I can log in to my account and access the session archives. Everything is recorded and I have unlimited access to the classes. I can go back and listen to the classes. And go back again. And go back again.

Bam. I loved the idea. The project aligned with my core values: getting people back to work and getting you into jobs where you have dignity, power, and a sense of well-being.

I have a great job — why shouldn’t you?

We spent all summer building the site, lining up speakers, and understanding the infrastructure and telephony behind a live event. We researched the market and ran webinars to test & validate our assumptions. We wanted to understand what people want to hear about their careers and how attendees value their time & money.

I learned so much. It was my own personal career development course on steroids.

The Career Summit is up and running. Mark and I found the best career speakers. We sorted through thousands of websites and found the best advice. We priced the event so it’s affordable — and then we cut the price and made it 50% off for early-bird registrants.

And we did it for you. Because we love you.

Okay, fine, we like you. We really like you.

And we did this project for ourselves — because we wanted to learn and grow, too.

I hope you can make it. Click on the flashy picture to learn more.


PS – Here’s me talking about it. This took me five takes AND it’s on my crappy, built-in webcam so we might not use it. But it cracks me up to see me sell something. I’m actually passionate and selling something. Who knew I had this in me?

Laurie Ruettimann on The Career Summit from Laurie Ruettimann on Vimeo.

Strange days. At least you’ll get some awesome and actionable career advice!

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