What to Buy Your GenX Boss for Christmas


I don’t think you need to buy your boss a gift.

Your hard work and goodwill are gift enough for your tired, exhausted manager. Your competency is a joy and a blessing. No additional stocking stuffers are required.

But if you want to buy your manager something, here are some ideas.

  1. La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate. This eye cream is caviar for anyone — man or woman — over 35.
  2. A good scarf. No matter the gender or geography, Burberry always works.
  3. Might I suggest an SOS Charger  Hand-Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger with 3 LED Flashlight? A Mophie would work, too.
  4. A gift certificate to a small, nice restaurant in town — especially somewhere with a great reputation and a good atmosphere but quiet enough for two adults to have a conversation. Gen Xers cannot hear for shit, anymore.
  5. A donation to a local charity — but only if the charity is highly rated on Charity Navigator and the acknowledgement is personalized and doesn’t come in the form of another appeal for more money.
  6. GenX dudes like a quality shave and a haircut.  A gift certificate to a barbershop is a nice idea.
  7. If your boss drives a minivan or has kids, you can do wonders with an auto detailing gift card.
  8. I like cheese and champagne. (I am not your boss, but I accept bulk deliveries.) Buying dairy and alcohol can be tough, though, because most cheese is processed and most champagne is crappy. Buy good stuff or forget about it.

A note to young professionals out there:  a personalized thank you note to your boss for her hard work is always a good idea, too.

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