Why Do We Need Resumes?


Kevin Grossman asked, “Why do we still use resumes. Why? Really.”

Good lord, that is such an awesome question — especially because the whole stinkin’ internet is now your resume. Everything you say and do is out there to be found. Why write a resume in 2011?

Well, the HR dork in me thinks that we still use resumes for multiple reasons.

  1. A resume is a standard way for recruiters and managers to quickly review and interpret your work history.
  2. We  have failed to teach people to think differently about work and work history.
  3. There is money is perpetuating the status quo of resumes. ATS systems, CRM databases, ERP software companies, data centers, payroll firms, benefits organizations, job boards, recruiters, resume writers, RPO consultants, and career advisors make money by analyzing, sorting, reading, evaluating, tweaking, examining, disseminating and storing your ugly resume and the information contained in that document. There is money in the way that your resume is handled by a company. Resumes fuel an entire ecosystem of crappy companies who exhibit at conferences, sell services, and inform Human Capital Management strategies. Resumes are the lifeblood of an industry that should really be ashamed of itself.

I believe that you don’t need a resume if you are awesome and connected to people who know you and will hire you based on reputation and relationships. But for the rest of us chumps? A resume isn’t going away any time soon.

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