Would You Go to Mexico?


Mesoamerican step-pyramid nicknamed El Castell...A very good friend of mine called and asked, “Would you to go Mexico, right now?”

I said, “Are you offering to take me?”

He said, “No, I’m taking a poll. Do you think it’s safe?”

Thanks a lot.

“Where in Mexico?”


Hm.  Public relations officials will tell you that Mexico’s is safe for the most part. But I said, “I don’t give a shit if it’s safe. It’s immoral. Don’t go.”

Apparently my opinion is in the minority and he’s going. I really do disagree with his decision and here’s why.

  • The government is corrupt. Their answer to drug violence is to push America to decriminalize drugs and placate the cartels.  Lots of people say the answer is to decriminalize marijuana — as if this is just about marijuana. That’s easy. This problem is much more complicated. (Although there is a sad, cynical market that benefits from the drug war.)
  • The cartels are out of control. Mexico’s modern-day corporations don’t stand for free market competition. They abuse workersbehead citizens, and kill journalists and hang their bodies from bridges. The cartels will plow over just about anyone who gets in the way. Remember when Hilary Clinton got in trouble for comparing Mexico to 1980s Columbia? Doesn’t seem like an unfair comparison to me.
  • Global corporations with a presence in the country just don’t care. Much of the tourism industry takes its profits out of the country. Full stop. That’s just a fact. And for those companies that do invest in Mexico, they play by a different set of rules. Look at the alleged bribery case in Mexico that was hushed up by Wal-Mart’s top executives. How fabulous for the already beleaguered Mexican citizen-worker!

Sheesh. Everything about that country is broken.

Yes, it’s cheap to go to Mexico right now. Yes, it’s probably safe. Yes, there are other countries that hurt their citizens, too.

Would you vacation in Mexico knowing what you know about the country’s instability?

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