What Is A Digital Nomad?

What if you have decent earning and at the same time you can roam free like a bird; well, we are actually referring to digital nomad. Digital nomads live a nomadic lifestyle; in other words, they are basically location-independent people and they do their jobs with the help of technology. Well, these people generally work remotely and it means that they will not have to be physically present at the office or the headquarters of companies.  From digital marketing to graphics designs- they can do a wide range of jobs depending upon their skills. Well, VoIP to contact employers and clients, smartphones, cheap internet access play a very significant role in the lives of the digital nomads.

Understand The Concept Of Digital Nomads

If you want to understand the concept of the digital nomad, you first need to know the history of the term, ‘digital nomad’. Well, it was in 1997 when the term was first coined in a book that is called The Digital Nomad written by David Manners and Tsugio Makimoto. This book highlights a powerful communication device that allows employees to work remotely.

Living in this 21st century, if we talk about the tools that digital nomads are using, these are actually mobile phones, laptops, social networking sites, and many more. The best thing about being a digital nomad is that they have the freedom to choose the place from where they can work. They basically choose those places where they can get access to wireless internet such as public libraries, co-working spaces, coffee shops, and many more.

Who Are Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads seem to be the younger people and they can be found working in a wide range of industries such as consulting, tutoring, media, writing, IT, design, and marketing. They can be either remote employees or KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) employees. Most people might get confused between digital nomads and freelancers and telecommuters. Technically, freelancers and telecommuters are also digital nomads. But, we do not use this term for them. Digital nomads refer to those people who are traveling abroad while working. Some digital nomads have a huge number of clients and on the other side, some have semi-formal or formal agreements with the clients promising a certain amount of works.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Digital Nomads

The lifestyle of digital nomads sounds attractive. It has so many advantages but, at the same time, they deal with several cons. Here, we have added the advantages and disadvantages in order to give you a concrete idea:

They do not have to work in a confined office setting.It can be expensive to visit different places on a regular basis.
They get golden opportunities to travel. At the same time, they get to learn about new traditions and cultures.You will have to work for clients in different time zones.
Digital nomads also put themselves in various outdoor activities such as surfing, mountain biking, and many more.Isolation from friends and families.
They have full control over their time.You must be highly organized and you need to know how to maintain a balance between work and life.

By now, we have covered the important things about digital nomads and we hope it gave you a better understanding of the concept. So, what are you waiting for? If you think it is right for you; go and grab this career path.