Human Resources & Halloween Tips


It’s October 19th and the emails are starting to pour in about Halloween office parties and costumes.

  • What’s acceptable?
  • Can you provide examples of costumes that cross the lines?
  • Should we skip the pot-luck lunch with these flu concerns?

I don’t care if you celebrate Halloween at work, but for the love of god, please do not ask your Human Resources team to plan the party. They have better things to do. Every minute spent planning a party is a minute that could be spent saving your company from implosion. Do you want your HR team focused on the profitability of your organization, or do you want them worried about who’s bringing potato salad to the party? Should we break out a spreadsheet so we don’t have duplicate cupcakes?

Here’s my spooky advice. If you work in HR, please do not send out a memo on the appropriateness of Halloween costumes. If someone comes to work looking like a sexy goth cheerleader or a pimp, send that idiot home.

If you are an employee, use some common sense. Don’t wear a diaper, a white t-shirt, and a bonnet as your Halloween costume. I speak from experience on this one. It’s just creepy.

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