Unwritten Blog Posts and Blog Titles


If you are a blogger, you should blog on a daily basis.

I believe that blogging is a full-time job. Target, McDonalds and Walmart barely shut their doors. Neither should you.

Not every blog post you write will be gold. You should write, anyway. If you aree like me, your internal monologue never shuts up and you will have 5-10 posts rummaging around in your head.

Often times, I just have a title.

So here’s a list of blog posts. Just the titles.

  1. You Can Only Be Snarky If You Are Right
  2. You Can’t Give Fashion Advice Wearing Those Pants
  3. You Have Passion? Good For You. That’s Cute.
  4. Health Insurance and Affordable Housing: Two Things That Would Save the Middle Class in America
  5. Converse: How Zappos and Social Media Marketing Ruined That Brand
  6. Casual Friday Doesn’t Really Mean Casual
  7. Shut Up. Eat a Donut. Get Back to Work Like the Rest of America.
  8. An Office Building at Ground Zero: I Hope You Like Working and Shopping on Top of Dead Bodies
  9. Lance Armstrong is Guilty
  10. Lance Armstrong: It’s Not a Conspiracy When You’re Guilty
  11. Lance Armstrong: Steroids Are Not in the U.S. Constitution
  12. Is It Just Me Or Has Everybody Been in HR at Some Point?
  13. Your Career Advice Might Be Worth Something If You Could Keep a Job
  14. Stop Asking For Better Customer Service From Underpaid Retail Workers
  15. Self-Employed is Just Another Word for Unemployable
  16. Never Take Career Advice From Your Mom
  17. So You Think You’re An Entrepreneur?
  18. It’s Still Not That Great to Be a Woman in the Workforce
  19. Fox News: You Can Never Be Too Blonde
  20. Why U2 Can Suck My Dick
  21. You Can Be Mean, Ugly or Stupid: Pick Two
  22. The Time I Told My Boss To Fuck Off
  23. You’re Screwed When You Have Binding Arbitration and Mediation at Work
  24. Unions: You Hate Them and Benefit From Them at the Same Time
  25. Yes, I Unfriended You Because You Take Too Many Pictures of Your Feet
  26. White Guys Over 40 Are The Biggest Whiners
  27. Work is Just Another Beauty Pageant
  28. Executives and Diversity: They Don’t Care
  29. The Decline of Modern America: 42nd Street and Broadway
  30. Human Resources — Where Dreams Go To Die
  31. You Know Twitter? Isn’t That Special!
  32. Nobody Ever Listens to a Webinar
  33. Your Really Amazing Product is Already Irrelevant
  34. Can We Have Five Minutes Where Things Aren’t Weird Between Us?
  35. Being Gay at Work: People Still Want You to Shut Up About It
  36. Mental Health Days Are Good for the Soul
  37. When You Burn a Bridge, Use Napalm
  38. Stop Bragging About Your Fitness Routine On Facebook
  39. I’m Sorry but Your Kid Is Really Ugly
  40. You Can’t Blog If You Don’t Like to Write
  41. High School — It Never Ends
  42. You Are Right. I Was Wrong. What Else Can I Say to Make You Shut Up?
  43. Suburbia is Not That Bad
  44. Every Job Sucks
  45. I Judge You By the Car You Drive
  46. Your High School Boyfriend Was Wrong: Semen Doesn’t Cure Bacne
  47. Aging Gracefully: It Never Happens
  48. Men Who Go to Tanning Beds Are Pussies
  49. Four Cats is Two Cats Too Many
  50. Jamie Leigh Jones: Never Forget

I could do this all day.

What are some titles of your unwritten blog posts?

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